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#1 Commercial Concrete Cleaning in Maryland

Professional Commercial Concrete Cleaning in Maryland

Professional Power Washing provides professional Concrete Cleaning and stain removal services for both Residential & Commercial clients throughout the Maryland. We clean concrete areas of all sizes from small Sidewalks to Parking Garages, no job is too big or too small. We not only clean, we restore concrete to its new condition. We use the latest in pressure washing equipment available in conjunction with 100% environmentally friendly “Green” cleaning agents to ensure the very best possible job.

Why Choose Us To Clean Your Concrete?

We have many years experience in the Power Washing industry and have cleaned all types of concrete areas for many satisfied customers. We are customer service orientated and provide all of our clients a satisfaction guarantee. We are active in the industry across The United States and members of some of the leading Associations which educate and improve the Professional Power Washing industry. We strive for customer service excellence and excellence in our work. Call us today for a free estimate for all Concrete Cleaning services in Maryland.

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Commercial Concrete Cleaning Services

Our services include driveway cleaning, sidewalk cleaning, parking lot & parking garage cleaning, warehouse and factory floor cleaning, concrete building washing, drive-thrus, store fronts & shop entrance ways, public spaces, parks and recreation areas and much more. Concrete is a porous building material that attracts and collects dirt and other stains very easily. Because it harbors dirt and other contaminants so well, it can often be spoiled aesthetically if neglected. Fortunately cleaning concrete makes a huge difference and can dramatically transform its aesthetics at an affordable price. Call us today for a free estimate and appraisal for all of you Concrete Cleaning requirements in Maryland and all surrounding areas.

Eco Friendly Commercial Concrete Cleaning

Professional Power Washing takes its responsibility as a professional Power Washing services company very seriously and understands that we have a responsibility to our community and to the planet  to abide by EPA Guidelines and Legislation that governs the Power Washing industry. For these reasons we ensure that we do not pollute the environment whilst undertaking any of our works, including our Concrete Cleaning services. This means we block drains and use only 100% Eco-Friendly cleaning solutions.

Commercial Concrete Cleaning Stain Removal

Professional Power Washing are highly effective at removing the most commonly found regularly on concrete. Stains that we can remove include: tire marks, oil, grease, tree sap, leaf stains, animal & bird droppings, food & drink spills, chewing gum, rust, battery acid stains, fertilizer stains, dirt, algae, moss and more.

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