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Pro Gum Removal In Maryland

Call Professional Power Washing today for professional Chewing Gum Removal services anywhere in Maryland. Professional Power Washing have years of experience removing gum in Maryland. We provide professional Gum Removal Services to a range of commercial clients including retailers, restaurants, fast food outlets, shopping centers, strip malls, schools, gas stations, drive thrus and more. Our gum removal service utilizes purpose built chewing gum removal steam cleaning machinery and equipment which removes all traces of the gum and all residues. We also treat any visible oil stains often left behind by the gum.

Our Gum Removal Method

We use steam and water to removal gum. The steam melts away the gum without the need for excessive pressure that can damage a surface or blow out sand under pavers. We thoroughly clean and restore the ground surface during the process also, so your concrete, pavers, asphalt, tiles or other substrate is back to looking like new again. We treat all areas with a proprietary Eco-friendly cleaning solution which is effective at removing stains and oils often left behind when removing gum, especially when the gum has been present for an extended period of time. Over time the oils from the gum will absorb into the pores of the concrete or pavers, creating an unsightly and often permanent stain.

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We strive for customer service excellence and delivery fantastic results. We have been in the Power Washing industry, removing gum for hundreds of customers over the years and take pride in our work. Our crews are fully trained and use the latest in gum removal machinery and equipment. We use low pressure steam so as to not damage your property guaranteed. Call us today for a free appraisal and estimate anywhere in Maryland.

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